Exquisite Hand-Carved African Wood Sculpture: A Timeless Piece of African Art


This is a statue for home decorations, sculptured with African culture and tribal elements. Can be used on bookshelves.

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Beautiful hand-carved African wood sculpture.

About this item:

  • This African art sculpture measures 12.2”x6.3”x4.3” inches, with an item weight of 1.98 pounds. It is a stunning addition to your African sculptures home decor. Crafted from a tree trunk, this African head statue showcases the designer’s creativity while maintaining a natural appearance with a hollow back.
  • Crafted with premium sculpture and hand painting techniques using resin material, this African head statue displays an antique woodstone color appearance. Due to its handcrafted nature, small variations may occur in details, making each African art sculpture unique.
  • This African statue home decor figurine is perfect for enhancing your home or office decorations. Display it on a shelf, table, desk, front door, centerpiece, living room, or any place you desire. The African statue beautifully complements your African home decor.
  • This African head statue and figurine not only serve as African artifacts but also make a perfect gift for someone who admires African art and culture. Suitable for various occasions such as Easter Day, Thanksgiving Day, Halloween, Christmas Day, and Valentine’s Day. It is also ideal for memorable celebrations like birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries.
  • To ensure the safe transportation of every African figure head statue, it is carefully wrapped in soft polyfoam. We prioritize your satisfaction and offer a 100% return/refund policy for any dissatisfaction.

Immerse yourself in the rich artistry of Africa with this exquisite hand-carved African wood sculpture. Place your bid now to own this timeless piece of African art that beautifully captures the essence of the continent’s culture and heritage.

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