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“Amsha” is a Swahili term that translates to “wake up.” The Amsha Africa Foundation focuses on collaborating with registered community-based organizations in the Global South and supporting underrepresented communities in the Global North.

Brief History


Tony Abuta

Founder, Amsha Africa Foundation.

Founded in 2008 by Tony Abuta, Amsha Africa Foundation (AAF) has been making a real difference in the lives of under-represented communities both in the Global South and North. 

Working closely with local community groups, non-profit organizations, and government agencies, Tony and his team identified pressing community needs and developed impactful programs to address them.

AAF’s inaugural program, the Nairobi Slums Projects, launched in May 2008, was an incredible success, serving nearly 1,000 people in just eight hours.

This initiative, which included medical checkups, self-help training workshops, STD tests, eye and dental checkups, tree planting, and environmental cleanup, has since become an annual event adopted by the local government, positively impacting thousands of people.

Today, AAF operates in the U.S. and multiple Global South countries, offering a broad range of programs aimed at improving the lives of impoverished and under represented communities. 

By leveraging innovative technology and partnering with local organizations, AAF is creating lasting change and empowering communities to build brighter futures.

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