You Have the Power to Bring Change


Your little help can heal their pain.

$100 a month pays for a child protection supervisor. $50 supports 5 kids train in income generation workshops. $20 feeds 5 kids for four days training in the income generating workshop.

Education and skills for African Girls/Women.

"When girls are educated, their countries become stronger and more prosperous", Michelle Obama. We are on the mission of empowering teen moms because pregnancy should not be the end of a girl's dream to a brighter future.
$50 pays for a month's supply of feminine hygiene products for 5 girls. Without pads girls end up missing a week of school every month.
$100 a month supplies backpacks filled with school supplies for 10 girls.

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Sustainable agriculture training.

Designed to address immediate food insecurity at the household level, improve the food value chain, and promote value addition aimed at creating employment opportunities for youth and boost nutrition for communities in poor regions.

$100 a month pays for an certified sustainable agriculture consultant to offer free classes to communities we support.

Ways To Give


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Other ways to Support Amsha Africa Foundation

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If you own a business or would like to support our organization in other ways you can get our donation box and place it in your office. business, or anywhere that you may get people to help with some extra change. A little change here and there adds up and goes a long way. Contact us if you would like to get one of these cool donation boxes

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