• Child Abuse & Prevention Program

    AAF works with local communities and partner lawyers to help prosecute and stop child abuse and neglect and educate communities in rural Africa.

  • AAF Community Outreach

    AAF community outreach program in rural Africa.

  • Showcasing Africa's Digital Talents To the World

    AAF created Africagigsters.com as the gateway to Africa's youthful digital talent. Place your online gig order today!

  • AAF Dear Friend Program Participants

    AAF Dear Friend Program Participants

  • AI Drones For Pest/Disease Control in Farms

    We work with partners to design and deploy low-cost drones armed with AI to automate farming

  • GuideStar awards AAF the Platinum Seal Of Transparency

    AAF achieves 2022 GuideStar's Platinum Seal of Transparency 3 years in a row. Support our work with trust and confidence by viewing our profile here:

  • AAF Humanitarian Program

    AAF Humanitarian Program partners with various community organizations in distributing famine relief and other supplies to help communities suffering in difficult times.

  • AAF Eyeglass Distribution

    AAF Eyeglass Distribution program in partnership with Eyes on Africa in Nairobi, Kenya

  • Supporting Artisanal and Small-Scale Mining In Rural Africa

    Providing artisanal and small-scale miners technical assistance and access to financing to increase productivity. Read here

  • AAF Water & Sanitation Program

    Completed borehole construction in Taita region of Kenya.

  • AAF Aquaponics prototype

    Harvest of lettuce in our aquaponics prototype after 3 weeks.

  • AAF Sustainable Housing

    AAF funds construction of environmentally friendly houses to poor communities in rural Africa.

  • AAF Humanitarian Mission

    AAF is actively involved in supplying vital food and medical supplies to areas in need around the world.

  • AAF Famine Relief Program

    AAF has supplied over 28,000 boxes of food supply to famine areas around Africa.

  • AAF Orphanage Assistance Program

    AAF has assisted hundreds of orphans in rural Africa gain meaningful education and move to safe institutions which AAF helps construct and sustain.

  • AAF Tree Planting Program

    AAF Tree Planting Program. Over a 125,680 trees planted around Africa.

  • AAF Aquaponics Project

    AAF aquaponics prototype project - floating raft.

 Our Projects

We plan, coordinate, and fund several projects in partnership with local communities and organizations in the countries we work in, building strong relationships in the process.

Our Partners

We partner with corporations, governments, other non profit organizations, and registered community organizations.

Contact Us

Feel free to contact us if you are interested in learning more about our programs or if you have any questions.

Get Involved

We are looking for volunteers that will help us with our ongoing projects and to fundraise and raise awareness for our organization. 

Amsha Africa Foundation ("AAF") is a U.S. based 501(c)(3) non-denominational, nonprofit organization that enhances the living standards in African slums and villages, by supplying these communities with clean water, food, medical aid, hygiene kits, and mosquito nets; by providing capacity building programs, literacy and enrichment, housing, sanitation aid, and agricultural education.