Addressing Domestic Violence, Supporting Women's Safety and Well-being

Amsha Africa Foundation (AAF)  aims to address the prevalent issue of domestic violence in the Global South, including emotional and physical abuse. 

Through shelter homes, collaboration with Federation of Women Lawyers (FIDA), postpartum depression support, and child protection initiatives, the foundation provides comprehensive assistance to empower and support affected individuals.

The prevalence of domestic violence in the Global South can vary across countries and regions due to differences in reporting mechanisms, cultural norms, and data collection methods. However, it is important to highlight that domestic violence is a significant issue in many parts of the Global South. 

Here are some general statistics and trends related to domestic violence in the Global South:

High Incidence Rates: Domestic violence affects a significant portion of women in the Global South, with estimates indicating that approximately 35% to 70% of women experience physical or sexual violence from an intimate partner in their lifetime.

Underreporting: Domestic violence often remains underreported in the Global South due to various reasons, including fear of stigma, social pressures, lack of awareness about available support services, and limited access to justice.

Intersectionality: Women from marginalized groups, such as those belonging to ethnic minorities, indigenous communities, or lower socioeconomic backgrounds, often face higher rates of domestic violence due to intersecting forms of discrimination and social inequalities.

Cultural and Normative Factors: Traditional gender roles and norms prevalent in some Global South societies can perpetuate domestic violence by reinforcing power imbalances and unequal relationships.

Impacts on Children: Domestic violence in the Global South has a profound impact on children who witness or experience abuse. It can lead to long-term physical, emotional, and psychological consequences, affecting their overall well-being and future prospects.

Legal and Institutional Challenges: Many countries in the Global South face challenges in effectively addressing domestic violence due to limited legal frameworks, inadequate resources for victim support, and gaps in law enforcement and justice systems.

Here is how Amsha Africa Foundation is addressing domestic violence and supporting women’s safety and well-being

  • Shelter Homes: Providing safe refuge for women escaping domestic violence, offering comprehensive support services and trained staff specializing in trauma-informed care. AAF has funded the construction of 15 shelter homes.

  • Collaboration with FIDA: Partnering with Federation of Women Lawyers (FIDA) to ensure justice for survivors, providing legal support, raising awareness about rights, and offering assistance with legal action.

  • Postpartum Depression Support: Offering free counseling for women experiencing postpartum depression, providing individual and group sessions, conducting awareness campaigns to reduce stigma.

  • Child Protection: Collaborating with the Children’s Office to ensure safety and well-being of children in abusive environments, offering temporary care, medical support, and counseling.

Amsha Africa Foundation is committed to creating a secure environment, empowering survivors, promoting legal rights, addressing postpartum depression, and protecting children affected by domestic violence.

This project is being led by Janet Shali. For more details, contact

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