Our Programs

Water, Sanitation, & Hygiene(WASH) Program

Water sanitation and hygiene are all critical to reducing the burden of water-borne diseases.
We work with community based groups to find effective sanitation approaches that will contribute to a world where children and families lead healthier, more productive lives.
We aim to develop scalable business models and technoligies capable of moving communities we work with from unsustainable to sustainable sanitation services across the sanitation value chain.
We invest in technologies and methods for increasing sustainable access to clean water and hygiene.
Click on the hyperlink text to visit our WASH program website. I addition we are also working on a rain water harvesting project that utilises a portable and innovative rain water collection device.

Child Abuse Prevention Program

We work with our partner organizations in an effort to stop child abuse and neglect and educate communities in Kenya.
We support children who are forced to work for their survival and work with schools in income generation activities to support children under situations that would lead to neglect and dropouts.
Our program helps create child protection teams with rural communities and helps create an organisation of lawyers that offer free legal services to children whose rights have been violated.
We also participate in research activities on children’s rights such as street children. 
Click on the hyperlink text to visit our Child Abuse Prevention Program Website.

"Dear Friend" Pen Pal Program

“Dear Friend”  is a Pen Pal Program which was created and is operated by Katie Burke.  Katie partners certain spects of the program with Amsha Africa Foundation. The goal of the “Dear Friend” Pen Pal Program is to sustain longterm one-on-one relationships between as many pair of US and Kenyan children as possible, and to help all participating children achieve literacy goals, highten their cultural awareness and feel the joy of knowing another child across the world cares about them.
This project will preserve the art of letter writing for our generation’s children, teaching them to communicate well through written word.