Our Programs

Addressing Domestic Violence, Supporting Women's Safety and Well-being

Amsha Africa Foundation (AAF)  aims to address the prevalent issue of domestic violence in the Global South, including emotional and physical abuse. 

Through shelter homes, collaboration with Federation of Women Lawyers (FIDA), postpartum depression support, and child protection initiatives, the foundation provides comprehensive assistance to empower and support affected individuals. Read more about this program here:

Water, Sanitation, & Hygiene(WASH) Program

At Amsha Africa Foundation (AAF) we recognize the critical importance of water sanitation and hygiene in combating water-borne diseases in the Global South.
Working closely with community-based groups, we identify and implement effective sanitation approaches to improve the well-being of children and families.
Our focus is on developing scalable business models and cutting-edge technologies, facilitating the transition from unsustainable to sustainable sanitation services across the entire value chain.
Through strategic investments, we enhance sustainable access to clean water and hygiene, fostering healthier communities. Read more about this program here.

Child Abuse Prevention Program

Our collaborative efforts with partner organizations aim to protect children and educate communities, making a lasting impact.
Our initiatives focus on supporting children facing forced labor, providing vital assistance to prevent neglect and dropout.
We also partner with schools to implement income-generating activities, offering crucial support to vulnerable children. Engaging rural communities is at the core of our work, as we establish child protection teams to empower them to safeguard children’s rights.
Our team of dedicated lawyers offers free legal services to children whose rights have been violated.
Additionally, we conduct research activities to address children’s rights, including the challenges faced by street children. Click here to visit our Child Abuse Prevention Program Website and learn more about our impactful work in protecting children’s rights in the Global South.

"Dear Friend" Pen Pal Program

The “Dear Friend” Pen Pal Program is collaboration between Katie Burke and Amsha Africa Foundation.
Our goal is to foster long-term relationships between US and Kenyan children, promoting literacy, cultural awareness, and friendship.
Through letter writing, we preserve the art of communication and empower children to express themselves.
Join us in this remarkable journey of global understanding and make a difference today.
Visit our website for more information on the “Dear Friend” Pen Pal Program and how to get involved.

Africa Gigsters Program

With the Africa Gigsters program, we connect talented youth with meaningful and well-paying gigs online, and international clients. Since January 2023, we have enrolled over one hundred talented youth in our program, but we need your help to make this a reality.
Visit our website for more information on the “Africa Gigster” Program and how to get involved.
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