Our Partners

Amsha Africa Foundation leverages Google’s Workspace for Nonprofits to enhance collaboration and streamline operations. With smart and secure business apps like Gmail, Docs, Calendar, Drive, and Google Meet, our team can collaborate effectively and focus on making a positive impact in underserved communities. Additionally, Google’s support through the Google Ad Grants program helps us reach more donors and supporters online, expanding our reach and amplifying our message. We can confidently rely on Google’s reliable infrastructure and advanced security measures, ensuring the privacy and integrity of our data. With Google’s Workspace for Nonprofits, Amsha Africa Foundation is empowered to make a meaningful difference and drive change where it matters most.

Join forces with Deal Aid to Support Amsha Africa Foundation While You Shop!

You now have the opportunity to make a difference without spending an extra dime. By partnering with Deal Aid, you can shop and save money at numerous popular online retailers while simultaneously contributing to your favorite charity, Amsha Africa Foundation. This remarkable partnership allows you to support our cause at absolutely no cost to you. Simply click here to start shopping and begin making an impact today.

Amsha Africa Foundation is proud to partner with Benevity, a leading donation-processing platform, to power our workplace giving matching and volunteering programs. If your organization offers donation matching, we invite you to visit the Benevity software website and find Amsha Africa Foundation. Through this user-friendly platform, you can make donations to support our cause and have the incredible opportunity to amplify your impact through matching gifts provided by your employer. Additionally, you can explore exciting volunteer opportunities to directly contribute your time and skills towards our mission. Join us today on the Benevity software website to make a difference that truly matters.

At Amsha Africa Foundation, we are honored to collaborate with the N50 Project in our shared mission to bring tech-neutral connectivity, promote digital literacy, and deliver life-enriching applications to the communities we serve. Through this dynamic partnership, we are working diligently to bridge the digital divide and empower individuals with the knowledge and tools they need to thrive in an increasingly digital world. Together, we are making a significant impact, transforming lives, and creating a brighter future for all.

Amsha Africa Foundation is proud to collaborate with the esteemed Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in their ambitious mission to establish a world where every individual has the chance to lead a healthy and productive life. We share common goals and a relentless commitment to addressing the most pressing challenges facing our global community. Through this impactful partnership, we work together on projects aimed at making a difference in rural Africa, focusing on innovative solutions to uplift underserved communities. By combining our efforts, resources, and expertise, we strive to create a future where everyone can thrive.

World Mobile, driven by a visionary purpose to connect individuals across the globe, stands apart from traditional mobile networks. Their foundation is built upon blockchain technology and the principles of the sharing economy, aiming to advocate for economic freedom and dignity. By leveraging this innovative approach, World Mobile enables local business owners in unconnected regions to operate cost-effective nodes on their network, effectively bringing their communities online while sharing the rewards.

Amsha Africa Foundation is proud to support World Mobile’s mission, joining hands with their team and esteemed partners to create smart villages in rural Africa. By collaborating closely, we aim to bridge the digital divide, empower underserved communities, and foster economic growth. Together, we believe in the transformative power of connectivity to unlock opportunities, enhance livelihoods, and uplift individuals towards a brighter future.

The Amsha Africa Foundation (AAF) and the Chemi Chemi Organization have joined forces for the Cassava Supply Value Chain Project in Ganze sub-county, Kilifi County, Kenya. Together, they are committed to tackling the pressing issue of food insecurity at the household level, enhancing the cassava value chain, and fostering value addition to generate employment prospects for the youth.

In 2018, the Amsha Africa Foundation (AAF) and Altusa International of Dallas, TX, formed a partnership to embark on an international project. As part of this initiative, AAF introduced a sustainable farming technique known as Aquaponics in Rwanda. AAF’s field project teams collaborated with local farmers and community organizations to provide education and hands-on training on constructing aquaponics systems using locally available materials. The project also involved teaching them how to incorporate locally sourced fish, chicken, and plant vegetables into the system. With the assistance of funds donated by Altusa, AAF was able to procure locally sourced materials, vegetables, and fingerlings for the system constructed in Kigali, Rwanda. This endeavor directly benefited 120 individuals in the community.

We have partnered with Dubai Cares, a philanthropic organization focused on improving children’s access to quality primary education in developing countries, to implement our Child Abuse Prevention Program. Dubai Cares generously funds initiatives such as creating an organization of lawyers to offer free legal services to children whose rights have been violated, establishing child protection teams in rural communities in Africa, and engaging communities in preventing child labor and withdrawing children from work. Together, we are making significant strides in preventing child abuse, protecting children’s rights, and promoting education in underserved communities worldwide.

The AAF has joined forces with eBay to collaborate within the eBay Giving Works program. By participating in this program, you have the opportunity to contribute to our mission whenever you engage in buying or selling activities on eBay.

The Amsha Africa Foundation has formed a partnership with Eyes on Africa to offer free glasses to individuals in Africa who lack access to them. To learn more about this initiative and visit the Eyes on Africa website, please click on the following link: [www.eyesonafricainfo].

The Water of Life initiative, a collaboration between the Amsha Africa Foundation (AAF) and the East Africa Breweries Foundation (EABF), aims to provide safe, reliable, and sustainable water supply to communities lacking access to clean and safe water. Together, AAF and EABF are committed to addressing the critical need for clean water in these underserved areas.

In an effort to empower African women and equip them with education and practical local skills, the Amsha Africa Foundation has joined forces with educationseeds.org. Together, we are working towards creating healthy, sustainable, and economically empowered communities for teenage mothers. Our goal is to foster self-reliance and independence by providing education and support, enabling these women to shape successful lives for themselves and their children. Through this partnership, we aim to heal trauma, reduce dependency, and make a positive impact on children’s lives, one person at a time. We invite you to join us in this transformative journey

The Amsha Africa Foundation (AAF) and the Binti Mwangaza organization have joined forces to uplift and support vulnerable women and girls from low-income families in Kenya. Our collaborative efforts have resulted in the distribution of over 20,000 reusable sanitary pads, offering sustainable menstrual hygiene solutions. Additionally, we have provided training to more than 500 women and young adults, equipping them with valuable knowledge and skills.

Binti Mwangaza organization shares our mission of addressing the pressing issue of inadequate access to clean water and sanitation facilities, which greatly affects proper menstrual hygiene management. Together, we strive to make a tangible difference in the lives of these women and girls.

We invite you to join us on this meaningful journey, as we work towards empowering and improving the well-being of these individuals. Together, we can create a brighter and more equitable future for all.

Please be aware that the partners mentioned above represent only a portion of our collaborative efforts. 

At the Amsha Africa Foundation, we actively seek partnerships with a wide range of registered community organizations and non-profit organizations. 

We believe in the power of collective action and welcome opportunities to join forces with like-minded entities.

If you are interested in becoming a partner and working together to make a positive impact, we encourage you to reach out to us at admin@amshaafrica.org

We look forward to exploring potential collaborations and collectively advancing our shared goals of empowerment and community development.

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