Empowering Change: AAF’s Collaborative Innovations for a Better World

In the world of cutting-edge innovations, AAF (Amsha Africa Foundation) and it’s partners are at the forefront of transformative collaborations, bringing groundbreaking inventions to the forefront. 

Among these revolutionary creations is TrailGuard AI, a remarkable camera-alert system that is reshaping the landscape of wildlife conservation. Developed in partnership with RESOLVE and Nightjar, TrailGuard AI has earned its place in TIME’s Best Inventions of 2023, an accolade recognizing 200 game-changing innovations.

TrailGuard AI is designed to detect potential threats and protect targeted wildlife species by utilizing state-of-the-art AI algorithms, robust hardware, and versatile communication protocols.

In Africa and Asia, the dire threat of poaching imperils iconic species with the risk of extinction within our lifetime.

As part of our commitment to the communities we work with, AAF  sought sustainable solutions in response to local concerns.

In partnership with RESOLVE, and with invaluable contributions from conservation technologist Steve Gulick and Intel, we developed TrailGuard™ AI—an anti-poaching camera system that emerged from addressing a specific issue raised by local communities.

This innovative solution is currently in operation across 25+ protected areas spanning Asia, Africa, and South America. Notably, it has already led to the apprehension of over 30 poachers during test phases in East Africa, a testament to its remarkable success.

Designed by biologists for biologists, TrailGuard AI boasts an extended battery life and embedded AI for species identification. Its well-deserved recognition in TIME’s Best Inventions of 2023 underscores the pivotal role of technology in safeguarding our planet’s most precious species.

But the innovation doesn’t stop here. AAF’s collaborative efforts extend to the CAN Go, an AI-powered smart cane developed by AAF partner CAN.

In addition to our work on wildlife conservation, AAF (Amsha Africa Foundation) has extended its commitment to collaborating and innovating by partnering with CAN to develop the CAN Go. This device, designed with vulnerable elderly community members in mind, represents a significant step towards enhancing their safety and connectivity.

The CAN Go is a multifunctional device that goes beyond being a conventional mobility aid. It combines features like fall detection, activity tracking, GPS location services, a built-in flashlight, and emergency-calling capabilities. Our collaboration with CAN involved a proof of concept, where we engaged with elderly community members to test the device, gather feedback, and assess usability metrics.

One distinguishing aspect of the CAN Go is its adaptability. It evolves and improves over time, adjusting to the daily activities and routines of its users. This valuable data can be shared with family members and medical professionals, providing insights into the well-being of its users.

AAF takes immense pride in contributing to the success of these transformative inventions. TrailGuard AI and the CAN Go exemplify the vast potential of technology in addressing pressing challenges, making the world a safer and better place. Looking ahead, these innovations offer hope for a more inclusive and brighter future, reaffirming AAF’s commitment to innovation and collaboration for a better world.


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