The following projects highlight some of our success

Cassava Supply Value Chain Project 

Focus Area: Food Security/Community Development/ Sustainable Agriculture

Description of project: Designed to address immediate food insecurity (food shortage) at the household level, improve the cassava value chain, and promote value addition aimed at creating employment opportunities for youth. Other crops earmarked are green grams and cowpeas which will boost nutrition for communities in this region.

Beneficiaries: 3000

Status: Feasibility study ongoing. Implementation next

Partners: Chemi Chemi Organization and Local community organizations in Kenya

Project Website:

Eyeglass Distribution

Focus Area: Health Focused Project

Description of project: Provide eyeglasses at no cost to Africans through distribution in communities with no access to vision care.

Beneficiaries: 1500

Status: Pilot  project omplete and now ongoing on a yearly basis.

Partners: Eyes on Africa and Local community organizations in Kenya

Mwatate Well Project

Focus Area: Water and Sanitation (WASH) Project

Description of project: Provision of water wells for Mwatate residents

Beneficiaries: 5,000


Partners: EABL Foundaton

Trees for Zambia Project

Focus Area: Reforestation/Community eco-education Project

Description of project: Reforestation and eco-education project

Beneficiaries: 15000

Status: Complete & Occurs Annually in June/July

Partners: Greenpop

Aquaponics in Rural Kenya

Focus Area: Eco-education Project

Description of project: Eco-education project

Beneficiaries: 1000

Status: Complete and expanded into other countries in 2017 (Tanzania, Nigeria, Cameroon, Zimbabwe, etc)

Partners: Local community organizations in Kenya

Solar Pump Project

Focus Area: Eco-education Project

Description of project: Eco-education project

Beneficiaries: 2000

Status: Complete 

Partners: Kenya Government & Local community organizations in Kenya

Horn of Africa Drought & Famine Relief Project

Focus Area: Humanitarian

Description of project: Ship and distribute 10 tonnes of meals ready to eat, water, and relief supplies to the affected areas in the horn of Africa area.

Beneficiaries: 50,000

Status: Complete 

Partners: Kenya Government & Local community organizations in Kenya


Child Abuse Prevention

Focus Area: Humanitarian

Description of project: Create an organization of  20 lawyers that offer free legal services to children whose rights have been violated in East Africa. These lawyers have successfully provided free legal services on 42 cases and have 120 cases that are being worked on.

Beneficiaries: 175

Status: Pilot project complete. Project ongoing on recurring basis.

Partners: Kenya Government & Local community organizations in Kenya

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