Projects & Clients

Amsha Africa Foundation primarily works with registered community based organizations in rural Africa.

Our project teams invite vetted communities to submit proposals that meet our funding guidelines.

After careful review, AAF ground teams visit the project location to evaluate the sustainability of implementing the project.

AAF works hand in hand with these community based organizations and helps form project management committees.

The community members in these committees are tasked to overlook the sustainability of the project after the project completion.

AAF closely monitors the management of the project through visits to the site and makes a permanent representative in the community's project management committee who is tasked to report to AAF periodically.

Projects in the Pipeline

Artificial Intelligent Drones For Pest/Disease Control in Farms

Drone Technology Agriculture

  • AAF is working with our technology partners to design and deploy low-cost drones armed with computer vision and powered by machine learning to collect data points from the farms' exisiting crops. 
  • Farmers selected for our initial deployment of these low-costs drones will use artificial intelligence to help grow food by combatting disease and pests, oftentimes made worse by climate change, pesticide use, and monocropping.
  • Through machine learning, farmers can monitor crops' nutrient levels, while also sheltering them from unpredictable and possibly damaging elements.
  • Using low-cost materials to build these drones and opensource software for the AI technology, AAF and our partners belive this will be a realistic solution for many local, small-scale farmers unlike the past where AI technology was not accessible due to the cost.
  • The AI algorithm teaches itself to flag something as small as an individual insect, long before humans would usually identify the problem.
  • Proof of concept tests are being conducted in the U.S. 
  • This project's initial deployment will benefit 8 farming communities in Kenya that have been earmarked for deployment in mid-2022.
  • Based on the success of the initial deployment, we intend to scale this project to other communities and regions.

Agricultural Drone Graphic


Mobile Application to connect farmers with cold/dry storage warehouses

Many farmers in rural Africa grow and sell perishable produce but often don't have cold storage to store excess produce. Farmers go at a loss when such produce goes bad when they can't find buyers in time.

AAF is working on a pilot project to build a mobile application/marketplace that will connect farmers to cold/dry storage warehouse and produce buyers.

Farmcrowdy App in Use

Drinking Water Harvesting Using a New Portable System

Drinking Water Harvesting in Africa

  • AAF is working on 10 parallel projects in 5 countries to provide portable water treatment and solar water heater systems for families in 10 pre-selected communities in East and Central Africa to simplify harvesting drinkable water.  

  • The system is made of plastic and requires no batteries, chemicals or spare parts and can last 10+ years.

  • This project will benefit roughly 5,000 individuals within these communities.

  • The challenge today in getting drinkable water is due to lack of an acceptable energy resource. People in these communities use natural resources, mainly wood, charcoal and papyrus in order to heat water for cooking, washing and drinking. It is expensive in a long-term perspective and leads to smoke inhalation, deforestation and increased carbon dioxide emissions, this project hopes to change this.

  • We intend to roll this project to other communities in the region based on the success of this project.

Living Roof Concept in Nigeria & Cameroon

  • AAF is working with 3 communities in Nigeria & Cameroon on constructing 15 structures with living/green roof concept.
  • The project will benefit around 90 individuals in these 3 communities.
  • A green roof or living roof is a roof of a building that is partially or completely covered with vegetation and a growing medium, planted over a waterproofing membrane
  • In  places with Sub-Saharan climate and conditions, green roofs will improve not only air-quality but also absorb 80% of the rainfall, improving conditions with flooding. Green roofs also absorbs sunlight and lowers the building’s interior temperature with up to 14 C less. Another advantage is that a green roof resists fire better than a normal roof since plant life retain water the roof will act as a natural form or resistance. Green roofs can also increase the efficiency of rooftop solar panels by helping absorb heat and making the panels more effective. A green roof can also provide habitat and food supply for insects, birds and other small animals.

  • We intend to roll this project to other communities in the region based on the success of this project.

Project Success

Eyeglass Distribution

Focus Area: Health Focused Project

Description of project: Provide eyeglasses at no cost to Africans through distribution in communities with no access to vision care.

Beneficiaries: 1500

Status: Pilot  project complete and now ongoing on a yearly basis.

Partners: Eyes on Africa and Local community organizations in Kenya

Mwatate Well Project

Focus Area: Water and Sanitation (WASH) Project

Description of project: Provision of water wells for Mwatate residents

Beneficiaries: 5,000


Partners: EABL Foundaton

Trees for Zambia Project

Focus Area: Reforestation/Community eco-education Project

Description of project: Reforestation and eco-education project

Beneficiaries: 15000

Status: Complete & Occurs Annually in June/July

Partners: Greenpop

Aquaponics in Rural Kenya

Focus Area: Eco-education Project

Description of project: Eco-education project

Beneficiaries: 1000

Status: Complete and expanded into other countries in 2017 (Tanzania, Nigeria, Cameroon, Zimbabwe, etc)

Partners: Local community organizations in Kenya

Solar Pump Project

Focus Area: Eco-education Project

Description of project: Eco-education project

Beneficiaries: 2000

Status: Complete 

Partners: Kenya Government & Local community organizations in Kenya

Horn of Africa Drought & Famine Relief Project

Focus Area: Humanitarian

Description of project: Ship and distribute 10 tonnes of meals ready to eat, water, and relief supplies to the affected areas in the horn of Africa area.

Beneficiaries: 50,000

Status: Complete 

Partners: Kenya Government & Local community organizations in Kenya

Child Abuse Prevention

Focus Area: Humanitarian

Description of project: Create an organization of  20 lawyers that offer free legal services to children whose rights have been violated in East Africa. These lawyers have successfully provided free legal services on 42 cases and have 120 cases that are being worked on.

Beneficiaries: 175

Status: Pilot project complete. Project ongoing on recurring basis.

Partners: Kenya Government & Local community organizations in Kenya