The Global Friendship Penpal Project is run by Simon and Bibyana Barclay (A.A.F Amsha Africa Foundation U.K representatives).

We are currently seeking U.K schools, classes, Groups and individual children between the ages of five and sixteen to pair up with children from Kenyan of similar ages, to help form long term relationships with the A.A.F Global Friendship Penpal Project.

Through the Global Friendship Penpal Project it is possible to reach into the hearts and homes of some of the most disadvantaged children living in Kenya. This is unique and wonderful opportunity for children to be able to learn about other cultures and how others live and to participate in their hobbies and interests and to hopefully share the joy of a real lifelong friendship.

Despite the many forms of communication available today, letter writing is becoming a lost skill. There is a huge amount of enjoyment and fun to be gained from receiving letters in the mail. It is hard to match the anticipation of waiting for letters to arrive and to see what news they contain.

Whether they are looking for a friend, or to learn about other children’s lives and culture, the Global Friendship Penpal Project can help to provide them with a pen friend.

We believe that international correspondence has a part to play in creating global peace and harmony, maybe not a huge part, but still an important one helping to span the world with friends.

For more information or to enroll a child please contact Simon and Bibyana Barclay

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   Telephone: 01209 831876 or 07857798428

A donation is not necessary to enrol a child as participation is free. However personal donations are critical to the Global Friendship Penpal Project success.

The Global Friendship Penpal Project relies on people’s generosity to operate, and we will gratefully accept your financial support. as it costs on average £1.50 (208.55 Kenyan shillings) per letter posted from Kenya which in Kenya is the cost of a small writing book or a pencil, and the average wage for a Kenyan villager is £0.70p per day, so whether or not you enrol a child in the program please help us by giving a small donation however small and it will go directly to support Amsha Africa Foundation Global Friendship Penpal Project in Kenya.

You can make a financial gift either by cash or cheque and give it directly to your school or group making cheques payable to Amsha Africa Foundation, or online please visit the AAF website, at , and click on the link to Network for Good. Or by post to

Amsha Africa Foundation
5, Godolphin View
TR13 0AL

Global Friendship Penpal Program (GFPP) Application form

To enroll in AAF's Global Friendship Penpal Program, please download the application form below, fill it out and mail it back to us.

GFPP Application Form


Please note that GFPP prohibits solicitation of money or gifts.

GFPP also discourages exchanging material gifts or money.

Supervising adults are responsible for monitoring the contents of the letters between pen-pals.


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