"Amsha" is a swahili word meaning "wake up."

Amsha Africa Foundation ("AAF") is a 501(c)(3) non-denominational, nonprofit organization that enhances the living standards in African slums and villages, by supplying these communities with clean water, food, medical aid, hygiene kits, and mosquito nets; by providing capacity building programs, literacy and enrichment, housing, sanitation aid, and agricultural education; and by rebuilding schools and giving them desks, computers, uniforms, and school supplies.

AAF primarily works with registered community based organizations in rural Africa and in the U.S.

Brief History

Amsha Africa Foundation was built literally from the ground up – born as a result of founder Tony Abuta’s childhood experiences living in Kenya and his quest to improve the living standards of many of the communities that live in poverty.

Tony lives and works in the U.S. and his many return visits to Kenya and other third world countries made him realize how blessed he was and how much of a difference he can make by starting an organization that will lift the poor out of poverty with dignity.

In late 2007, Tony began to implement the ground work of the foundation in Kenya. He worked closely with community groups, local authorities, and other non-profit organizations to find programs best suited to the mission of Amsha Africa Foundation.

Returning back to the U.S., Tony enlisted supportive friends and began raising money to fund the programs back in Kenya.

In May 2008, Amsha Africa Foundation implemented the Nairobi Slums Projects that promoted free medical checkups, tree planting, environmental cleanup, training workshops geared to teach the local community about self-help programs, free testing for STDs, eye, and dental problems. This program has touched the lives of thousands of people living in some of the world’s largest slums.

Amsha Africa Foundation works with several communities in multiple African countries and is engaged in a number of programs that are geared at improving the lives of the impoverished communities that the foundation serves.