Malnutrition rates are at critical levels as the region suffers its worst dry spell in 50 years, compounded by rising food prices. The United Nations has declared famine in two regions of Somalia, and thousands of families are crossing the border into neighboring countries to escape starvation.

Refugees are streaming into neighboring countries, with many mothers being forced to leave their dying children and flee the drought-stricken areas. Many children are dying mid-journey on what have been called “roads of death.”


A top concern for aid workers now is to make sure enough supplies are available along the roads where Somalis are evacuating and where so many children are being tragically left for dead.

Reports say that at present, food distribution points are overwhelmed, with the highest price being paid by children whose bodies are not able to withstand the hunger and malnutrition.

Amsha Africa Foundation and its partners are working to send over 10 tonnes of meals ready to eat, water, and relief supplies to the affected areas in Northern Kenya.


Horn of Africa Famine Relief 2011

Each Meal, Ready to Eat (MRE) provides about 1,200 Calories (1,200 kcal or 5,000 kJ). They are intended to be eaten for a maximum of 21 days, and have a shelf life of three years.

We have dispatched these food supplies from Nairobi and transported them to various locations in Northern Kenya, where it is most needed.

Famine Relief from AAF
AAF  supplies being loaded into a truck to be transported to areas in Northern Kenya hit by dought and famine.

Newly arrived refugees outside Daadab Refugee Camp
Refugees lining up to receive food aid delivered by AAF outside the Ifo refugee camp outside Daadab,Kenya.

AAF Staff signing up refugees for Food Distribution
AAF volunteers distributing food aid to refugees outside the Ifo refugee camp outside Daadab, Kenya.

A refugee drinking bottled water delivered by AAF
A Somali refugee quenching thirst from bottled water distributed by AAF.

The situation in the Horn of Africa is the world's worst humanitarian disaster and is deteriorating daily.

Help us continue this critical lifeline. Food is scarce, and over 2 million children's life are at risk. $10 can feed a child for 10 days.

AAF and its partners is urgently trying to raise more money right now in order to address this problem and prevent more people from dying. That’s where you and a handful of Amsha Africa Foundation supporters can make a difference right now.

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