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Building an IBC tote flood-and-drain aquaponic system

AAF built an IBC tote flood-and-drain (or ebb-and-flow) aquaponic system using the super simple constant drain with adjustable flood depth control tube.

At this meet-up that was organized by David Pennington in Dallas, we went over the fine art of sawing a  art of sawing a 275 IBC Plastic Tote in half , building the wooden frame supports, drilling holes, hooking up the plumbing, washing the gravel and planting some transplants, and setting up the timer and pump. All of the parts needed for this aquaponic system are readily available from local sources.

This is about the easiest and simplest aquaponic setup you can build, and it only costs about $200 to build one and took roughly no less than 1 hour to finish it. When you compare that with some commercial offerings it's a real deal, and a great way to try out aquaponics as a hobby.

Cutting down the IBC Tote
Sawed off IBC Tote metal frames and plastics.

Placing the wooden planks support on metal frame
Building and positioning the wooden frame supports on the IBC Tote metal frames

drilling holes for the plumbing
Drilling holes for the plumbing

Pump and drain plumbing with bucket
Pump and plumbing draining water into sump tank

Grow beds
Plants growing on the gravel grow beds after a week.

 Grow beds with plants
An assortment of plants growing on the gravel beds after a week.

View of covered fish tank and grow beds
View of fish tank covered with floating stro-form.

Complete Aquaponics system
Complete Aquaponic system with 4 gravel grow beds, and 2 fish tanks

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