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Friday, 15 August 2014 11:05

AAF's Simplified and Expandable Aquaponic System Featured

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Over the past 8 months, AAF's team in Dallas, Texas U.S.A have been working on a simplified aquaponics system. This aquaponic system is one that can be built using low cost materials and constructed within a day or two by an individual if all the materials are available.

This system can also be expanded (add grow beds) to fit any needs,  family or commercial use. The use of recycled food grade plastic barrels (drums), solar panels,  a loop siphon,  and one pipe to fill and drain the grow beds makes this aquaponic system affordable for many application, especially in third world countries where the cost of materials is expensive.


This system has also incorporated solar panels to power the pump and fish tank air pump.  Please see the pictures below documenting the build process and the results after 6 months. More pictures will be added as the system matures.

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