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Edible drones filled with food, water or medicine could soon become indispensable in humanitarian emergencies by delivering live-saving supplies to remote areas hit by natural disasters or conflict.

As Europe tightens its borders, growing surge of people from Africa seek new routes to flee poverty, war and persecution

With almost 70 percent of its inhabitants living in informal settlements, Dar es Salaam is highly vulnerable to flooding

The sight of a drone hovering above the streets of Tandale to map the crowded flood-prone neighbourhood in the north of Dar es Salaam spread excitement among inhabitants tired of dealing with regular inundations.

At Amsha Africa Foundation (AAF), we’re grateful for an exciting and productive year for our efforts to alleviate global poverty.

Wishing you and your families, Happy Holidays,The Merriest Christmas,  and a Happy New Year 2017!!!

In 2016, thanks to supporters and staff, we achieved many of our goals and were able to serve even more communities working their way out of poverty.

As exciting as 2016 was, we can’t wait to make even more of an impact on global poverty in the New Year.

We hope you’ll make 2017 the year you participate in one of our grassroots projects, volunteer, donate, and get more involved in our efforts to alleviate global poverty

Have a safe holiday season and happy New Year!

AAF Team

It's known as the Nano Membrane Toilet, and was funded by the Gates Foundation in September 2012 for $710,000.

To reverse the impact of decades of overgrazing and deforestation, around 10 million hectares will need to be restored each year

Rangelands threatened further as pastoralists struggling to graze animals sell firewood so their families can eat

Innovations from crop insurance to swapping cattle for goats could help the region stand up to worsening drought, researchers say.

You might not realize it, but regular showering is a luxury reserved only for people in the most developed countries.

Sad situation in South Sudan where an estimated 4.8 million people from a population of about 11 million are going hungry with about 40,000 people at risk of dying.

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